Deciphering genomics for society

Genomic science

studies the blueprint of life and drives innovations in health, industry, food security and environment.


of scientists & educators. As a research incubator, we empower and inspire our members to take advantage of what genomic knowledge has to offer.


We create activities that explore our biological narrative while we explain the benefits and pitfalls of new genetic technologies.

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New talk by Dr Anantanawat on insect cell death for molecular agriculture

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DNAR Tech visited the Sunshine Coast and produced a new video for our online Ecological Genetics and Genomics Seminars (EGGS) by Dr Kay Anantanawat. The Mediterranean fruit fly is a highly destructive pest of horticulture and a major global pest invader. The sister species of the Queensland fruit fly (for which Dr Anantanawat is also

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Each species has a unique story to tell and hosts valuable secrets. DNAR Tech is a new social enterprise established in 2017 with the aim of facilitating the exploration of our biological narrative. It is a consortium of scientists and educators who aspire to discover the genetic secrets that native or economically important species hold. We educate the

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Happy 2017!

In our first promotional video, co-founders Alexie and Paul describe how DNAR Tech plan to empower teachers.  

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